Products y Services

Rice Seeds:

Dedicated for over 40 years to the development and production of rice seeds, crops and seeds El Aceituno has a broad portfolio of varieties adapted to tropical agro-ecological zones. Through the Technology Development Center Aceituno Benjamin Rocha, our company has research, development and innovation programs based on our experiences, expert knowledge and technological advances
Our materials offer farmers and industrial products of the best features adapted to the conditions of different rice growing areas of Colombia and other countries allowing greater efficiency and product quality.

Rices for industry:

Crops and seeds El Aceituno has extensive experience in development and production of rice for industry with special organoleptic characteristics , high milling quality and alternatives for gourmet cooking, such as Sushi, Risotto and Aromatic Rice.
Currently we have an active program of production and seed lots of our own with which we are able to offer a steady supply of rice, thus satisfy the demands , needs and requirements of our customers .

Soy and vegetable coverages:

Crops and seeds El Aceituno has available to its customers soybean varieties and different types of coverage of the highest quality and productivity.

Direct seeding on permanent coverage:

Crops and Seeds El Aceituno is pioneer in the planting program on permanent soil cover with over 150 materials between grasses and legumes developed. This program has allowed the conservation of soil resources , water and fauna in them. also applied to a dual-purpose model, combining agriculture and livestock.
Direct seeding on permanent soil cover:
Sustainability for the future
This system was designed by Dr. Lucien Seguy, inspired by the balance of nature and is developed by Crop and Seeds El Aceituno. This method allows to recover, maintain and improve agroecology in which crops are grown, increasing productivity and making this a term closely associated with the sustainability of agricultural systems.

Technical advice, technology transfer and extension:

To Crops and Seeds El Aceituno is a priority its commitment and social responsibility in the region .
Our company conducts technical advice activities to farmers on planting and agronomic management of the materials we have available, also we carry out activities of technology transfer, services and extension in our home to farmers, students, professionals and the community concerned.