Research, Development and Innovation:

The research, development and innovation unit of crops and seeds El Aceituno is grounded in the reality of the sector and strategic direction of international research institutions; It also works in a management model that values ‚Äč available resources and enhance processes in order to enhance the effectiveness, relevance and effectiveness of product development.

Our unit positions Crops and Seeds El Aceituno as an entity that contributes to competitiveness in rice cultivation in the country and the region with the creation of new rice cultivars and integrating sustainable crop management.

Our research, development and innovation unit integrates different focused strategic programs in generating new products of the highest quality that meet the standards and needs of the production chain and our customers promoting high productivity and competitiveness and conceives each of the most important aspects for the development of products under a system of shared value that integrates genetics, breeding methods , products point in the hands of farmers, industrialists and consumers , and feedback through the observation preferences aspects in every point of the production chain.

Our unit has achieved the development of new varieties and hybrids, and established strategic alliances for research and development projects ; material accessions by work and breeding collection and transfer of materials in our genebank; linking and inclusion of different actors of the sector through support and training events, participation in events and technology transfer events. Highlighting the work of the unit of research, development and innovation, its potential and added value.