About us:

Crops and Seeds El Aceituno is a Colombian company dedicated for over 40 years to seed production of rice, sorghum, soybeans and corn of the highest quality. Pioneers in the development of new and better technologies in the agricultural field, El Aceituno has succeeded in positioning its name with recognized products in the national and international market thanks to its excellent quality.

Our Commitment:

Crops and seeds Aceituno 's main priority is to offer rice farmers in tropical and subtropical countries genetic innovative solutions of the highest quality in order to satisfy the production needs of our customers. Our production processes in the production of high quality seed rice hybrids and new cultivars are established under international standards and protocols of multiplication and seed management, following stringent quality parameters.

Work Team:

Crops and Seeds El Aceituno is proud to present and highlight the work of our team; we have excellent professionals dedicated and committed to continuous improvement, the learning and inclusion of advanced technologies in developing its work in order to foster continued growth led to excellence and make our products and services the best choice for our clients.

Partners and Clients:

Our customers are our best presentation thanks to the confidence they have placed in our work and our products. We have customers in different countries that demonstrate our experience, quality and commitment. From our house crops and seeds El Aceituno we send our sincere thanks to all our customers.

Research, Development and Innovation:

Crops and seeds El Aceituno through our Research, Development and Innovation Unit works in different strategic lines for the development of new products that are adapted to the different conditions of the rice-growing regions of Colombia and other countries lines.

Products y Services:

Crops and seeds El Aceituno works in different programs to obtain new products adapted to the different conditions of the rice-growing regions of Colombia and other countries; at the same time, we provide farmers and the industry, materials with the best features that meet the needs of those who access their products and services through the implementation of the best technology.

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Main Office:

Carrera 5a No 29-32 Oficina 282. Centro Comercial la Quinta. Ibague, Tolima. Colombia


10 Km from the Ibague town, between the municipality of Buenos Aires and Doima . Tolima . Colombia

Phone Numbers:

Pbx: (578) 2771162 Movile Numbers: (57) 3173311374


servicioalcliente@elaceituno.com mercadeoyventas@elaceituno.com gerenciageneral@elaceituno.com investigacion@elaceituno.com