The first activities of Cultivos y Semillas El Aceituno began in 1948 under the vision and mentoring of its founder Benjamin Rocha Gómez, who through strategic alliances made ​​possible the planting of great amounts of rice, irrigated by the waters of the river Combeima.

For the decade of the 80’s and with the implementation of structural improvement the first crop of rice seeds of different varieties is performed. At the end of that time , after the death of Benjamin Rocha Gómez , an important society where their children head of Benjamin Rocha Marulanda create what is now known as Cultivos y Semillas El Aceituno LTDA.

In the late 90s, the department of research and development is created to improve and produce new types of high quality seed and increased production. Later in 2012 is set as the El Aceituno Benjamín Rocha Technology Development Centre.

Today, El Aceituno has become the main supplier of high quality rice seed in Colombia, with great recognition and prestige abroad; establishing important day to day agreements and alliances with its seed with identity.

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