Cultivos y Semillas El Aceituno through the Research, Development and Innovation Unit  works on different programs for the development of new products that are adapted to the different conditions of the rice growing regions of Colombia and other countries.

The programs of research, development and innovation are based on the knowledge and use of methods that allow greater efficiency and product quality.

In this way we have as main programs:

  • The population improvement through recurrent selection, from which we have four varieties on the market.
  • The Clearfield system, with the variety OR 228.
  • Hybrid rice to tropical conditions.
  • Drought tolerant rice and special characters: aromatic, for gourmet kitchen programs (sushi, risotto, etc. ) and industrial rice.
  • Evaluation and selection of germplasm introduced through agreements with international institutions.
  • Our Soy varieties.
  • Production of high quality seed of new crops, for the promotion and marketing, following international standards multiplication.

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